Pro-Palestine protesters stalk Biden at his Delaware residence: "We accuse him of genocide!"

The president was welcomed home by his dogs and a hostile crowd.

After giving a speech on Veterans Day, Joe Biden returned to his residence in Wilmington, Delaware, where a pro-Palestinian demonstration was waiting for him. Hundreds of people gathered outside his house shouting: "President Biden, you can't hide! We accuse him of genocide!" The group's main goal is to pressure the president to put a pause on the Gaza Strip conflict between Israel and Hamas.

As seen on social media, protesters marched with flags and signs calling for an end to violence in the Middle East. The event also featured speakers who encouraged the rhetoric of a ceasefire.

Among the speakers at the demonstration, activist Linda Sarsour, daughter of Palestinian immigrants to the United States, stood out. The chants included support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

According to the latest information, Israel agreed to daily pauses in fighting to allow humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, although they have made it clear that they are not open to discussing a ceasefire. The terrorists still have approximately 240 hostages, of which 10 are Americans.

Biden implicitly referred to the situations in Gaza and Ukraine during his Veterans Day speech. "Whenever and wherever the forces of darkness have tried to extinguish the light of freedom, American veterans have held the lantern as high as they could for all of us," he said from the Memorial Amphitheater.

He arrived at the event accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Denis McDonough. "Our veterans are the steel backbone of this nation, and their families, like so many of you, are the brave hearts," the president added.