Police find four missing children safe in Wisconsin

Authorities reported Friday that the children were safe and that they had made contact with both suspects.

The four children who disappeared in Wisconsin have been located by authorities and are safe. This was reported Friday by the Green Bay Police Department, which notified that the Amber Alert had therefore been deactivated.

In addition to finding Journee Hargrove (1 year old), Jayda Hargrove (6), Genesse Hargrove (7) and Tru Ward (4), authorities were able to make contact with Deanna Ward and Diana Halfaday, identified when the alert was issued as main suspects.

Deanna Ward told ABC 2 that she did not kidnap her children and that she and her husband found out that police were looking for them when they saw the Amber Alert. She said the children were at the home of a relative who has custody.

According to the same report, authorities began the search for the children after failing to make contact with their parents, who had missed an appointment with Child Protective Services.