Phoenix Police arrest suspect in Lauren Heike's death

The accused is a 20-year-old man who is linked to the murder through DNA evidence.

Police in Phoenix Arizona have arrested a man in his early 20s accused of killing 29-year-old Lauren Heike, while on a hiking trail in the city last weekend.

Agents indicated that the suspect was arrested at his residence five days after the murder and after police presented a search warrant. He was subsequently taken to police headquarters for questioning.

At a press conference, officials showed a blurred image of the man, although they did not release his identity. Police spokeswoman Melissa Soliz indicated:

With this information we hope that the community can rest a little easier tonight knowing that this person is off the streets.


Linked to murder by DNA evidence

Homicide Lieutenant James Hester told reporters that Heike´s body was found in a location where she was not obviously visible. The woman was pronounced "dead at the scene" and was found to have "trauma to the body." He indicated that according to the studies she was attacked from behind and died from her injuries.

CBS 5 reported that suspect was arrested after being linked to the murder through DNA evidence.