Prime suspect arrested in the murder of three people in Pennsylvania

Andre Gordon Jr., a 26-year-old young man, was detained without much resistance while walking down the street.

Pennsylvania Police arrested the main suspect in the murder of three people in Falls Township. Andre Gordon Jr. is a 26-year-old young man who did not resist at the time of his arrest and even identified himself. The city’s mayor was relieved by Gordon’s arrest and even Governor Josh Shapiro spoke out about it.

According to local authorities, Gordon murdered people in his inner circle and then escaped in a stolen car. The first two victims were Karen Gordon (stepmother) and Kera Gordon (sister), and then he went to Taylor Daniel’s house, with whom he has two children.

While searching for the suspect, Falls Township authorities urged its residents to stay in a safe location and stay away from windows following reports of multiple gunshots in the township. "Police are asking residents to lock all doors and move to a central and secure location away from windows," the department said.

After allegedly committing the crimes, the young man then reportedly stole a car at gunpoint in the parking lot of a Dollar General on Bristol Pike. The vehicle appeared abandoned a few minutes later.

Although police first believed Gordon was barricaded in his home and in possession of a rifle, they eventually found him walking on a public street, where he was detained without resisting. “He is in custody. No one else was injured,” said Trenton, New Jersey Police Director Steve Wilson.

According to the FBI office in Philadelphia, in conversation with CNN, its men are “aware and tracking the incident” while “working closely with our local partners.”

State Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-1st District) said the incident is apparently related to a carjacking and shooting that occurred in two different areas of Falls Township. “There is an active shooter alert in Falls Township — we are monitoring a carjacking and a shooting in two sections of Falls Township.  I’m in touch with law enforcement officials as they pursue the suspect.  More information to follow - please be alert of your surroundings and stay safe," he reported.

The situation has sparked a rapid response on social media, with the Middletown Township Police Department issuing a warning to residents to avoid traveling to the area as the situation unfolds. Additionally, Oxford Valley Mall and Sesame Place Philadelphia have been ordered to remain closed until further notice as a precaution, and a St. Patrick's Day parade has been canceled.

Authorities reactions

Reed Gusciora, mayor of Trenton, said he felt “really grateful” after Gordon’s arrest. Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro chose to express himself on his social networks.

“I’ve been briefed on the developing incident in Falls Township, Bucks County and directed Pennsylvania State Police to coordinate with our law enforcement partners and provide whatever support is needed on the ground. For those in the area, please continue to shelter in place and listen to law enforcement’s direction,” he wrote on his X account, formerly Twitter.