Oversight Committee uncovers Biden family's millions in foreign income

Hunter Biden received money directly from China, collaborated with a corrupt Romanian businessman and used his influence to arrange meetings between his associates and the White House.

The head of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, provided new evidence Wednesday about the Biden family's foreign business dealings. The report includes details on Hunter Biden's direct income from China, in addition to other businesses in Romania. Comer also provided indications that Hunter Biden took advantage of his position to arrange meetings between his associates and the White House. The Comer committee's report is based on an evaluation of records from four banks.

According to the committee's report, in 2015, Hunter Biden closed several deals with Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu, who was subsequently convicted of several financial crimes in his country. These deals involved Robinson Walker LLC, one of 15 limited liability companies that Hunter and his associates created during Joe Biden's time as Vice president. In the same period, these companies reportedly earned more than $10 million.

Companies linked to the Biden family:

  • Lion Hall Group LLC
  • Owasco PC
  • Robinson Walker LLC
  • Skaneateles LLC
  • Seneca Global Advisors LLC
  • Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC
  • Rosemont Seneca Principal Investments LLC
  • Rosemont Realty LLC
  • Rosemont Seneca Gloval Risk Serivces LLC
  • RSP Holdings, LLC
  • Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, LLC
  • Rosemont Seneca Thornton, LLC
  • Rosemont Seneca Advisors, LLC
  • Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC
  • JBB SR, INC.
  • RSTP II Alpha Partners, LLC
  • RSTP II Bravo Partners, LLC
  • Owasco, LLC
  • Hudson West III, LLC
  • Hudson West V, LLC
  • CEFC Infrastructure Investment (US), LLC

Robinson Walker LLC began receiving income from Popoviciu's Cyprus-based company, Bladon Enterprises LLC, five weeks after Biden traveled to Romania as vice president to meet with the Romanian government. In Europe, Biden was a "walking billboard for his son and family," Comer said at his press conference.

Walker LLC's income was directed to various members of the Biden family. According to the report, the Biden family received more than $4 million from Robinson Walker LLC following deposits from Bladon Enterprises LLC.

Revenues from China

Despite Joe Biden's repeated claims that his family has never received money from China, the Oversight Commission report asserts that Hunter Biden did. According to bank records, the Biden family received about $3 million from State Energy HK, a China-based company, in 2017 and through Robinson Walker LLC.

The Biden's business dealings with Chinese nationals and historically corrupt corporate entities are of concern to the Commission. The Commission considers that there are legal business transactions with entities and individuals based in China.

Business dealings with another Chinese energy company, CEFC, involved two Chinese nationals with ties to the government, Ye Jianming and Gongwen Dong. According to Rep. Comer's report, Ye Jianming was deputy secretary general of the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC), an organization linked to the Chinese People's Liberation Army for the gathering of covert international intelligence.

For Republican lawmakers, the main question is why companies linked to Hunter Biden and his associates received money from other foreign entities. "For what reason ? What service did [the Biden companies] provide?" asked Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, at the end of Comer's press conference.