One passes the blame while the other speaks of an "invasion": what Trump and Biden's visits to the southern border left behind

The possible adversaries in the 2024 presidential elections met in Texas and gave two completely different speeches on the same problem.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden visited the southern border on the same day. While the first did so to further expose what he considers one of his adversary's strongest electoral weaknesses, the second was present to raise his image in that regard, given that a recent survey showed that voters regard border security as the worst failure of the Biden Administration.

According to the aforementioned poll conducted by Harvard CAPS-Harris and as reported by The Hill, "44 percent of respondents said that allowing the influx of migrants who have crossed the border has been Biden's biggest failure."

On this occasion, just like two people who watched the same movie and walked away with completely different moral lessons, Trump and Biden had absolutely opposite comments about the same border.

Biden destroyed "the most secure border in history"

The first to speak was the Republican, who visited Eagle Pass and toured Shelby Park with Governor Greg Abbott and other state officials before his speech. In turn, he met with leaders of the Texas National Guard and received a briefing with other officials such as Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Immediately afterward, with the microphone in front of him, he dedicated several minutes to exploiting Biden's weaknesses on border matters.

"I call him Crooked Joe because he's crooked and he's a terrible president, the worst president our country has ever had, probably the most incompetent president we've ever had. But it's allowing thousands and thousands of people to come in from China, Iran, Yemen, the Congo, Syria and a lot of other nations," said the Republican, who also defined the border situation as "a war" and a "military operation."

In turn, he spoke for a few minutes about the case of Laken Riley, the Georgia nursing student who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant.

Trump remembered her as "a beautiful student who was barbarically attacked." "I spoke to her parents yesterday, they are incredible people. They are devastated beyond belief. She was so beautiful in so many ways," he added.

"The monster, the charge, charged in the death is an illegal alien migrant who was led into our country and released into our communities by Crooked Joe Biden," said the former president.

Biden blamed congressional Republicans for border

Biden waited for Trump to finish speaking to begin his speech, accompanied by Border Patrol agents and Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, who was impeached for his "inaction" in the face of the border crisis.

Far from mentioning the record-breaking numbers that came in under his watch, the president shifted attention to Congress, particularly House Speaker Mike Johnson.

He criticized Republicans for not approving the bipartisan border agreement, which died legislatively in the Senate weeks ago.

"The Speaker of the House needs to put this bill on the floor because if if he put it on the floor, unrestricted, it would pass. The majority of Democrats and Republicans in both houses support this legislation until somebody came along and said don’t do that, it will benefit the incumbent. That’s a hell of a way to do business in America for such a serious problem," said the Democrat.

In turn, Biden invoked Trump's name and invited him to join his cause so that Congress approves the aforementioned legislation.

"I understand my predecessor’s in Eagle Pass today. So here’s what I would say to Mr. Trump: Instead of playing politics with the issue, instead of telling members of Congress to block this legislation, join me, or I’ll join you in telling the Congress to pass this bipartisan border security bill (...) We can do it together," he added.

He closed his speech by dodging blame and again demanding that lawmakers on Capitol Hill resolve the problem. "It's real simple, it's time to act, it is long past time to act. It's time for us to move on this, we can't wait any longer," Biden said.