On-duty sheriff's deputy dies after being ambushed in Los Angeles County

Police are offering a $250,000 reward in exchange for information. A dark gray Toyota Corolla and a viral video are key clues in the ongoing investigation.

A Los Angeles County deputy sheriff died Saturday from a gunshot wound received while inside a patrol car. He was alone and wearing his full uniform.

Ryan Clinkunbroomer, 30, was found with a gunshot wound by a concerned passerby around 6 p.m. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, the Antelope Valley Medical Center.

Sheriff Robert Luna reported that the shooter or shooters have not been captured, however, he has promised to use all available resources to find them. In a subsequent update, his department described the attack as an "ambush."

"Our deputy left his family tonight to serve our community. He laid it all on the line to serve us. He didn't deserve this," the sheriff said. "Our deputy was a devoted family member and a cherished community member. He was shot in a cowardly way, while working tirelessly to serve our community this evening."

Clinkunbroomer, who was currently a field training officer, was also a third-generation deputy. He had been in the department for eight years.

The investigation

Police have offered a $250,000 reward in exchange for information. One of the leads is a dark gray Toyota Corolla vehicle:

It also reported to be analyzing a video widely circulated on social media, where a black car can be seen pulling up next to a patrol car:


The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's official social media accounts shared photos and videos of the procession that his fellow officers organized as a tribute:

Attacks on officers

The National Fraternal Order of Police announced in early September that 272 officers have been shot in the line of duty in 2023. This is 24% more than in 2021 and 25% more than in 2020.

It also reported that there have been 83 ambush-style attacks against law enforcement officers so far this year. 101 officers have been shot in these attacks and 15 have been killed.