North Dakota bans almost all abortions.

Republican Governor Doug Burgum signed a new law making no exceptions for cases of rape or incest past six weeks gestation.

Doug Burgum, North Dakota's Republican governor, signed the state law Monday that bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and makes no exceptions for cases of rape or incest. In the first few weeks, abortion is permitted only in cases of rape, incest or medical emergency.

North Dakota thus became the 13th state to enact restrictions on abortion following the Supreme Court's 2022 decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade and stop considering abortion a constitutional right. Following this case, states began to enact their own laws to protect or prohibit the procedure. North Dakota joins other states such as Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis signed a similar measure protecting the life of the unborn earlier this month.

"This bill clarifies and refines existing state law ... and reaffirms North Dakota as a pro-life state," Burgum said in remarks carried by the Associated Press.

The new ban is also expected to be subject to court challenges, as has occurred in states such as Florida.