Nikki Haley has not stopped receiving millions of dollars from her donors

The presidential candidate has received significant contributions from business and venture capital leaders.

Nikki Haley's campaign continues to receive a significant financial boost despite losses in the primaries and the disadvantage that polls show against Donald Trump.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), based on figures from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Haley's campaign received 9.8 million in contributions last month alone. At the same time, a super PAC raised another 5.8 million in individual donations. These figures have allowed the candidate to finance her expenses on media and travel.

The top donors backing the former South Carolina governor come from business and venture capital leaders.

Divisions in the Republican Party?

The swollen financial support could highlight divisions within the Republican Party, with some voters seeking alternatives to Donald Trump. According to a Politico analysis, Haley was endorsed in January by more than 3,000 major donors who contributed to Trump's 2020 campaign and nearly 10,000 in total during this election cycle.

However, a significant number of Haley's donors also come from people who contributed to President Joe Biden's 2020 campaign. "More than 5,200 donors to Biden's 2020 campaign have backed Haley financially, including roughly 1,600 who gave more than $500,000 in January alone," the report states.

Trump fundraising

While Donald Trump continues to lead as the Republican Party's front-runner, his ability to take on Biden in the general election could depend largely on his finances. According to WSJ, both his campaign and at least one supporting super PAC spent more than they raised last month.

In January, the Trump campaign committee obtained 8.8 million dollars, primarily through transfers from their joint fundraising committee. It ended the month with $30.5 million in cash, which is more than Haley's $13 million. Biden's campaign committee, on the other hand, ended the month with $56 million.