NFL: Damar Hamlin receives medical clearance to return to play

"He's cleared to resume full activities just like anyone else returning from injury," the Buffalo Bills general manager said.

Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin is returning to the NFL field. He was cleared by his doctors to resume play four months after going into cardiac arrest while playing in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The team's general manager, Brandon Beane, confirmed the news at a press conference:

On January 2, 2023, Hamlin, 25, collapsed after tackling an opponent in the game against the Bengals. Medical services quickly made their way onto the field to attend to the Bill's safety, who required ten minutes of CPR. He was immediately transported to the hospital.

Eight days after the incident, Hamlin was released from the hospital and began his recovery. The Bills confirmed that he has started training with the rest of his teammates.