New service launched that alerts consumers when a company engages in woke activism

Consumers' Research created Woke Alerts in the wake of controversies that arose with Bud Light, Nike, Jack Daniels and other brands.

A nonprofit organization focused on consumer advocacy created a new notification service for consumers to be aware of companies that are taking a woke stance.

Consumers' Research announced the launch of a Woke Alert aimed at informing consumers about those companies that are bowing to progressive practices, with the hope that companies will stop focusing on political activism and focus on the needs of their customers.

"Many corporations are putting progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers. They’ll only succeed if we look the other way," states the organization's website.

Consumers' Research President, Will Hild explained that the service involves more than a simple alert and stressed that in order to have access you must first be registered, so the organization has already been investing in advertisements to inform potential users of the existence of Woke Alerts.

"Woke Alerts will inform consumers not just about a company’s decision to descend into woke activism, but it will offer insights into what’s really behind those decisions, including in some cases, the desire to mask their own objectionable behavior," Hild said.

The president of Consumers' Research announced that this proposal came about because of the number of companies that have been making decisions based on the woke agenda.

Warnings issued

The organization has already issued several alerts. Jack Daniels is one of those named by Consumers' Research because of its "small town big pride" advertising campaign in which it partnered with three drag queens.

Silicon Valley Bank is also singled out as woke for focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and investing in sustainable companies, " ignoring financial investment changes and realities."

The organization also put Bud Light under its microscope for partnering with transgender content creator Dylan Mulvaney to promote its brand. The company unleashed a huge controversy after its marketing campaign, and although the CEO has already publicly apologized, the brand has lost billions of dollars.

Additional companies cited by Consumers' Research include: Nike, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Levi's, Uber, Apple, among others.