New Orleans becomes the new 'murder capital'

The city has a progressive district attorney who promised to be "more selective" with prosecutions. It currently surpasses Chicago, New York and St. Louis in homicide rate.

Murders in New Orleans are up 141% compared to 2019. According to data from the Metropolitan Crime Commission - an organization that tracks crime in cities - 205 homicides have been recorded since the beginning of 2022 through September.

The city known as The Big Easy has also had a 100% increase in shootings. Meanwhile, vehicle thefts have increased by 210% in just four years.

When compared to other cities, NOLA's crime statistics are even more alarming: the city has 52 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2022. With these numbers, it surpasses St. Louis. St. Louis was considered the city with the most recorded homicides at 45 per 100,000 inhabitants. It more than doubles the figures of large cities such as Chicago - with almost 18 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants - and New York at 3.5.

New Orleans is already among the top cities in the world - of those not at war - with the highest homicide rates, according to data compiled by the Citizens' Council on Public Safety and Criminal Justice.

Police must take "action now"

Fox News notes that the "murder city" recently hired Fausto Pichardo, a consultant who is a former chief of patrol for the New York Police Department, to review ways in which police can better fight crime in New Orleans.

Pichardo said the Police Department must take "action now" if the city is to be saved:

Action must be taken now. If the city is to be saved, it must bring back the reputation of being a place where tourists can come to party and celebrate, not become victims.

Among the former police chief's recommendations is an immediate redeployment of 212 officers to patrol in lieu of their regular assignments.

New Orleans officials announced an $80 million plan to increase police officer pay, provide free health care and $30,000 in increased hiring incentives for new employees within the department.

A progressive district attorney

The troubling murder rate is attributed, according to Fox News, to progressive District Attorney Jason Williams, who promised a "more selective" approach in prosecuting and sentencing people for committing crimes. He stated that one should go "beyond punishment" when blaming an offender:

Being more selective with prosecutions will allow us to focus on the crimes that matter most to all of us. We need to go beyond punishment and invest in our community.

A report found that Williams' promises were kept. The DA's office dismissed 937 of the city's 1411 violent felony cases during his first months in office. Williams' felony conviction rate was 21% which when compared to 52% under the previous administration represents a large decrease.