New attack on public transportation: driver stabbed in Los Angeles

The police department is looking for the suspect who attacked the Metro Transit worker several times with a knife.

Los Angeles police are looking for the culprit who stabbed a Metro Transit bus driver several times. According to a statement from the police department, the incident occurred Wednesday in Woodland Hills.

The authorities released a statement asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect who attacked the driver, who is hospitalized in serious condition. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the altercation occurred because of an argument between the driver and the suspect.

Authorities identified the suspect as a white male in his twenties, with curly blond hair and an athletic build. Along with the statement, the police department released several images from a surveillance camera on the bus where the attack occurred.

Chaos and lack of safety in the Los Angeles public transportation system

The Mayor of the city of Los Angeles, Karen Bass, issued a statement along with the police. In it, the Democrat condemned the attack on the worker. "This heinous act of violence is horrific and the harm done to one of our Metro drivers is tragic. I join the entire City family in praying for him tonight, and my heart also goes out to his family." Bass ended her post by promising to work harder to make the metropolitan transportation network a safer place for workers and users.

Safety has been a major concern for the Los Angeles transportation network ever since fentanyl users and traffickers invaded the facilities. Even former L.A. Metro Police Chief Patrick Jordan criticized the Transportation Board for its handling of security. In 2021, crime skyrocketed and serious and violent crimes reportedly increased by more than 20%.

According to the same data, in 2022 metro workers were attacked an average of 14 times per month, practically once every two days. In the same year, 25 people died inside the metropolitan network facilities. In response to this situation, the authorities put together a team of "ambassadors" who are located throughout the facilities with an iPad to report incidents and help riders.