Nebraska decides that voters must be photo-identified

With 95% of the votes counted at this time, 66% support the initiative.

Nebraska voters must, as of today, be photo-identified in order to exercise their right to vote. With 95% of the votes counted, a large majority (66%) have voted in favor of this proposal.

Until yesterday, citizens did not need to present a photo ID to vote. The voter photo ID initiative 432, will require voters to identify themselves at the time of voting with an official photo ID.

Currently, photo identification is only required in two cases:

  1. In the case of first-time voters.
  2. If you registered by mail, and at the time of registration you did not provide identification or a form of address verification at the time of registration.

Proponents of this measure argue that it helps to ensure reliability in elections, while opponents argue that it would harm voting access for the disadvantaged. Civic Nebraska is the leading opponent against requiring photo identification for voting.