Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan

The Speaker of the House of Representatives lands in Taipei, the island's capital. Tensions between the United States and China are heightened.

Bomb threats, sending of destroyers, computer attacks... All this has happened in just a few hours following the leak of a possible Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan. Tension between the United States and China is now a reality after the Speaker of the House of Representatives landed on the island coveted by the communist regime.

Pelosi's plane has arrived in Taiwan as part of an Asia-Pacific tour that has so far taken the Democratic speaker to Singapore and Malaysia. The Speaker of the House, who has been sharing each stage of her Asian tour, has so far not referred to the controversy generated around the visit or the threats of the Chinese regime.

Prior to its landing on the island, the Chinese military made a move and sent a destroyer just 80 kilometers off the Taiwanese coast as a show of force. At the same time, Reuters has reported a cyber-attack against the website of Taiwan' s presidential office and the Taiwanese news agency CNA has reported a bomb warning at Taipei airport.

Taiwan's military, for its part, has raised its alert status on the eve of this visit and increased its combat readiness ahead of the Speaker's landing.

China's threats, Biden's dithering and Pelosi's reception

China has been issuing threats to the United States for days ahead of Pelosi's visit, the first by a Speaker of the House of Representatives to Taiwan since 1997. The communist regime warned of "grave consequences" if the Speaker stepped on Taiwanese soil. Last Thursday, during a telephone conversation with President Joe Biden, Chinese leader Xi Jinping warned him "not to play with fire" regarding Taiwan. The Biden Administration itself discouraged Pelosi's trip to the area despite the fact that representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, defend the freedom of political movement in the face of communist threats. Biden's ambiguity is interpreted by analysts as a symptom of weakness vis-à-vis the Chinese regime.

In Taiwan, too, they are shaking off their complexes before Pelosi's visit and welcoming her with open arms. Despite some pro-China citizens rallying against the visit, the Taiwanese government awaits the Speaker of the House with open arms. This is what it looks like the country's tallest building in the capital Taipei: "Speaker Pelosi. Welcome to Taiwan. Thank you".