Most Americans have negative opinions about the woke doctrine

In the case of Republican voters, 67% expressed unfavorable opinions about the term 'wokeness.'

Woke ideas are a subject of debate in American society and the majority of citizens have a negative perception of the movement. This was revealed by a survey conducted by Morning Consult.

According to the study, 48% of voters view the term "woke" as unfavorable. In the case of Republicans, that percentage goes up to 67%, almost matching the perception that conservative voters have of socialism. However, Morning Consult stressed that using the rejection of progressive ideas as an electoral tool could be a disadvantage to Republican Party leaders.

Woke: trying to force a liberal ideology on Americans

"The word “wokeness” itself resonates with the overall electorate, with roughly 3 in 4 voters expressing positive or negative views about it," explained the survey, which was conducted from June 16-18.

According to the study, people believe that the ideology is trying to impose leftist policies on Americans. The poll revealed that "When asked to define what it means to be 'woke,' 55% of potential Republican primary voters chose “forcing a liberal ideology on American society."

Similarly, Republicans expressed that they are most concerned about policies related to the LGBT agenda. They are also against the indoctrination of children in schools. "On the other hand, large shares of the GOP’s expected voters said allowing children to receive gender-transitioning care (73%) or permitting transgender athletes to participate in college sports (65%) constitute major threats."