Mexico, a new refuge for those fleeing California's 'progressive hell'

South of the border, prices are lower and life is easier.

The border with Mexico is the subject of debate throughout the country because of migration. But there is a new element: a migration southbound. Californians cannot stand the high cost of living imposed by progressive policies. Mexico is one of the destinations chosen by the protagonists of this exodus.

In 2021, 360,000 people left the state of California. This trend was already strong in the previous two years, but has been growing in recent months. Living in the Golden State is too expensive for even the highest income residents. The median home price was $797,470 last year.

Many cannot resist the combination of regulation and high taxes. Employment is created elsewhere, where opportunities for advancement are greater. Washington, Texas and Arizona are among the states that receive more ex-Californians each year.

Reverse migration: from California to Mexico

The case of Mexico is different. It is not an economy where high-skill jobs are created, but the cost of living is much lower. And teleworking makes it possible to perform a professional activity from almost anywhere in the world. Mexico, therefore, presents itself as an attractive alternative for many.

The Daily Mail has compared prices in California and Mexico and the difference is overwhelming. The price of the average home in the Golden State is almost $800,000, but in Mexico it is less than $65,000. The difference in the price of gasoline is not as marked, but it does have a clear impact on a family's budget. In Mexico, a gallon costs 4.55 dollars, compared to 6.73 dollars in California, which has the most expensive gasoline in the United States.

CNBC has compiled testimonials from Californians who have expatriated to Mexico showing how it has changed their lives. Travis Grossi, who is in content creation, says he was paying $1,600 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in California. Now you pay a little more than half, 850, for an apartment with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, swimming pool and 24-hour security...