LinkedIn claims that Vivek Ramaswamy's account "was restricted in error"

A spokesperson for the social network assured that the suspension of the Republican candidate's profile was not deliberate and that they are working to reinstate his profile.

LinkedIn temporarily suspended the account of Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on Wednesday. This was announced Thursday by Ramaswamy himself on Twitter, attaching a message and screenshots of his emails with LinkedIn moderators.

According to the messages, his account was terminated for disseminating misleading information, in addition to containing statements that violate the social network's policies. "The CCP is playing the Biden administration like a Chinese mandolin. China has weaponized the "woke pandemic" to stay one step ahead of us. And it's working," read one of Ramaswamy's posts flagged by the LinkedIn moderation team.

In two other messages reported by LinkedIn, Ramaswamy charges against ESG policies applied by financial institutions and against the climate agenda. "If the climate religion was really about climate change, then they’d be worried about, say, shifting oil production from the U.S. to places like Russia and China," Ramaswamy claimed in another post that was flagged by the social network.

The Republican candidate used the occasion to make a public plea against censorship and the control of big tech companies. "The idea that these were “private companies” simply enforcing their “terms of service” is a farce when they were working hand-in-glove with the federal government to censor constitutionally protected speech," Ramaswamy said in a tweet.

On Wednesday, the social network informed the presidential candidate that his social network profile had been suspended by mistake. Moments later, it was restored to normal.