Latest poll gives Warnock a 4-point lead over Walker

Walker has to choose between voter fraud or saying he doesn't live in Texas and then face possible tax fraud.

Raphael Warnock, the Democratic candidate for Georgia's Senate seat, is favored by 51% of voters, four points ahead of the Republican candidate. Herschel Walker would only garner the support of 47% of voters, according to a Fabrizio/Anzalone poll.

This is the latest survey, which points in the opposite direction of the previous ones. Data for Progress, an ultra-left think tank that supports the Democratic Party, gave the Republican Walker a one-point lead. East Carolina University projected a tie. The next three polls (Trafalgar, Landmark, and InsiderAdvantage), gave the Republican candidate a lead of between one and three points.

Between the electoral vote and the tax vote

Herschel Walker is not having a good end to the campaign. He has tried to revive it by proposing a debate with NBC's Joy-Ann Reid. However, he faces other more serious problems. On the one hand, he is running in the race for senator of Georgia, on the other hand, he claims a tax exemption in Texas, as if he were a resident there. This places him in a precarious position between electoral fraud and tax fraud.

On the other hand, a quarter of a million Georgians have voted since the polls opened. And that early voting boom is not good news for Walker.