LA City Council president says neighboring cities deliberately send homeless people to his city

The statements from Paul Krekorian come at a time when the city faces a crisis due to rising homelessness.

Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian said neighboring cities are deliberately sending homeless people to his city.

"We’ve known for a long time that other cities, other jurisdictions, prefer to just push people into Los Angeles rather than addressing the problem themselves. ... We’ve seen examples of that from time to time," Krekorian said in a conversation reported by NBC News.

The Democrat referred to a video in which police are seen leaving a man on the street. Without providing more evidence, he insisted that in addition to that case, they have other indications that neighboring police agencies are depositing homeless people in Los Angeles.

Additionally, as an example, he cited a case in which he explained that a man was dropped off in front of his office last week and that the person said he had become homeless while living outside of Los Angeles. The Latin Times noted that "he did not provide further proof of continued actions of the kind but said his office is aware of similar cases involving the county's Sheriff's Department."

Meanwhile, the president of the Los Angeles City Council maintained that the city is implementing measures to cope with the crisis. In his opinion, other cities are not doing the same.

"We are building housing. We are building shelter. We are doing all the things that are necessary. Other cities seem to be doing nothing other than delivering people to our doorstep, washing their hands of them and letting them, letting, leaving them," Krekorian said.

The statements by the city council president come as the city faces huge problems due to the increase in homelessness. According to data collected by The Latin Times, at least 181,000 people are currently homeless in California. Of them, more than 71,000 live in Los Angeles.