'Koru,' Jeff Bezos' superyacht, is too big to dock alongside other million-dollar ships

The 400-foot-long private boat belonging to the founder of Amazon had to be anchored next to huge oil tankers and container ships.

Jeff Bezos' problems with his superyacht, "Koru," seem to be neverending. A few days ago, the giant 400-foot-long yacht, was unable to cross a bridge in the Netherlands. Now the founder of Amazon is forced to dock his private boat next to huge oil tankers and container ships instead of keeping it anchored in the other part of the port of Port Everglades, in Florida, where other millionaires keep their yachts.

"Koru" is the largest sailing yacht in the world, according to Oceanco, the Dutch company that finished building it earlier this year. Unlike other similar boats, The New York Times reports, this one is powered by wind instead of a diesel engine, a favorite among other billionaires. It has three masts on its deck, as well as three jacuzzis and a swimming pool.

The interior, the Dutch company says, has a "timeless, contemporary style" and is painted in natural wood tones, warm neutrals and patterned textiles. On the bow, there is a mermaid that, many say, has a certain resemblance to his current partner, Lauren Sánchez.

Several media outlets closely followed the construction of the giant yacht. Bloomberg reported that Bezos spent close to $500 million for it to be built. He has since spent a large part of his vacation aboard. This has created problems everywhere the boat has gone due to its large size.

Jeff Bezos' megayacht made it to its latest destination, Florida, on November 22. It did so after leaving the island of Gibraltar, the Marine Traffic website reported at the time, in early November. The voyage lasted practically the entire month, but, finally, "Koru" arrived at the port of Florida, as confirmed by a Port Everglades spokeswoman to the New York Times, where it is docked next to oil tankers and container ships so as not to interrupt the traffic of other yachts.