Kari Lake receives envelope with "suspicious" white powder at her campaign headquarters

"We are in dangerous times. This is not the first time we have been threatened.... It is wrong that this is happening," the Republican said.

The campaign headquarters of Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake received an envelope Saturday containing a "suspicious white powder and abusive messages against her," her spokesman, Colton Duncan, told CNN. His organisation has labelled it as a "terroristic attack, for trying to intimidate Kari and the campaign staff", days before the mid-term elections.

Officer Phil Krynsky of the Phoenix Police Department confirmed the details of the incident to the DailyMail and noted that the FBI have taken the suspicious substance for analysis to begin their investigation:

Officers responded to a found property call at an office building near 40th Street and Camelback Road. When officers arrived, they learned there were suspicious items located inside the mail. Additional resources responded to collect the items and secure the area... There have been no reports of injury and the investigation remains active

"We’re in dangerous times. This is not the first time we’ve been… threatened, I’ve been threatened many times.... We’ll get to the bottom of this, I really don’t want to get too far ahead of it, I want investigators to look into it and I truly want to find the people who sent this because it’s wrong that this is happening," Lake told reporters at a campaign event in Queen Creek.

"I am not suicidal"

Less than a week ago, Kari Lake directed a tweet at Hillary Clinton after being touted by her as an example of how Republicans are able to mock aggression against Democrats, referring to Lake's comments regarding the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband, now it is the Republican candidate who is the victim of an attack.

Lake wrote "ATTN: Hillary Clinton: I'm in perfect health, the brakes on my car are in good shape, and I'm not suicidal.... That's all" accompanied by a video of her during a television interview in which she utters these words.

"We are not interested in progressive policies"

Lake used the days leading up to the midterm elections to comment in an interview on the Just the News' television program, No Noise, that her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, wants to transform Arizona into California and adopt the failed policies of the Golden State:

"We're not interested in those progressive, leftist California-style policies in Arizona.... This is why Katie Hobbs is losing,... It's one of the reasons. We also know that she looks to California for those dead-end policies where they're actually raising taxes on people at the worst time, when they're already suffering under Joe Biden's inflation.

"I want to finish President Trump's wall" mentioned the Republican while referring to the policies that her rival wants to implement and in the midst of the border crisis that the country is going through:

We knew that she wants open borders because we saw her voting record.... She just verified it to the millions of Americans who are concerned about this wide open border, and and worse is the fentanyl that's killing our young generation. I've talked to so many moms and dads on the campaign trail, who told me they lost a 17-year-old daughter or a 19-year-old son, and they are horrified that our border is wide open.