Migration crisis: how smugglers control the border

Coordinated and growing in the face of the passivity of the Biden Administration, the 'coyotes' dominate the smuggling of immigrants at the southern border.

Almost 10.000 immigrants have crossed the border in less than a week in Eagle Pass (Texas). A record number revealed by the Breitbart portal and that occurs in a border area that operates under the surveillance of the Bureau of Customs and Protection.

It is just one more data that reflects an assault that has not been experienced in the country since the beginning of the century. It also highlights the permissiveness of Joe Biden's administration with regard to illegal entries into the country. A report by the Washington Post reveals how the so-called 'coyotes', human smugglers, control this smuggling of immigrants, in this case in Arizona.

The coyotes, based in Mexico and backed by the cartels, schedule the delivery of immigrants in a coordinated manner in the face of the impotence of border patrols. On the other side of the border, NGOs and employers feed off these renditions. The WP report aims to tell the personal stories of these migrants, but it exposes a coordinated system of human smuggling.

It's as if the smugglers are staggering the flights as if they were air traffic controllers.

In this sense, the report shows the frustration of Border Patrol agents in Yuma (Arizona). They say they are watched by smugglers on the Mexican side. Every time the U.S. agents finish processing a large group of illegals, a new group arrives. "It's as if the smugglers are staggering the flights as if they were air traffic controllers," they denounce.

Coyotes encouraged by Biden's immigration policy

Even the Washington Post is unable to overlook that Biden's border policy is inviting more immigrants: "the demand for labor, an overburdened asylum system and the Biden administration's reputation for permissiveness serve as a lure," the Post acknowledges. The permissiveness reaches such a level that it is even narrated how an immigrant from India is offered vegetarian food to his liking.

In the meantime, the crisis is deepening. Several officials in the south of the country issued a warning last week about the overflowing immigration, which they describe as an "invasion". Episodes such as the death of 53 immigrants in Texas have not stopped smugglers, encouraged by the soft immigration policy led by Alejandro Mayorcas. Faced with this scenario, state authorities have had to take action. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has authorized state authorities to return immigrants to border crossings. In an attempt to stem the tide of immigration, the National Guard and state police will arrest the illegals and return them to the border.

Abbott adds to the denunciations of Biden's inaction in what has already become the deadliest border in the world due to the scarcity of means of containment. That is a paradise for the smugglers-coyotes who are becoming stronger and stronger at the gates of the country.