Immigration crisis: record number of illegals at the southern border

Fiscal year left 1.82 million immigrants arrested at the southern border. The number of repeat offenders who insist on entering the country continues to grow.

The Border Patrol again recorded a record number of illegal immigrant apprehensions at the border. Since the beginning of the fiscal year (October 2021), agents made more than 1,820,000 arrests in the southern boundary of the country.

Border detentions

In July, almost 200,000 arrests of illegal aliens were recorded. More than 13,000 were unaccompanied minors. The numbers continue to break records during the Biden Administration and southern governors are forced to take action in the face of federal government inaction.

Illegal repeat offenders

The number of immigrants who repeated their attempt to cross the border illegally is striking. The Border Patrol report highlights that 22% of the undocumented immigrants apprehended in the last fiscal year had already been arrested in the last 12 months. A new record since between 2014 and 2019 the average rate of recidivism at border crossings was 15%.

Despite these data, which the southern states describe as an invasion, officials are satisfied. "While the numbers of encounters remain high, this is a positive trend and the first two-month drop since October 2021," said Border Patrol Commissioner Chris Magnus.