"Jane's revenge": 92 attacks on pro-life and religious organizations in less than 3 months

"The Biden Administration is responsible. They don't know how many attacks there has been on pro-life centers," according to CompassCare CEO Jim Harden.

As of last July, the Catholic News Agency (CNA) had recorded a total of 92 attacks on religious and pro-life organizations - including 50 pregnancy centers and 32 churches. These acts include vulgar graffiti, property damage, threats, theft and even arson. The ANC attributes the large wave of intimidation of these organizations to the cancellation of Roe vs. Wade.

CompassCare Pregnancy Services in New York is a non-profit organization that provides abortion information and gestational services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. According to its CEO, Jim Harden, they have suffered attacks on their facilities that have resulted in losses of more than $500,000.

Voz Media talks with Jim Harden

Pastor Jim Harden pioneered the "pregnancy center" model of operation. Harden helps more than 650 centers across the country reach more women and save more babies from abortion. Harden points out, in a conversation with Voz Media, that the cancellation of Roe vs. Wade unleashed a wave of pro-abortion terrorist crimes, this group and it´s activities, have become known as "Jane's revenge."

The first of the attacks following the overturning of Roe vs. Wade was a bombing of the premises of a pro-life organization in Madison, Wisconsin. The pro-abortion terrorist group Jane's Revenge took responsibility and gave pregnancy centers 30 days to close or face the consequences of continued violence.

Harden noted that within a few days of the 30 days indicated in the threat had passed, the CompassCare facility in Buffalo, N.Y. was attacked with incendiary devices. This resulted in the façade having to be destroyed and rebuilt. Jane's Revenge graffiti was painted on the side of the building.

A couple of days later, the group released a statement taking responsibility for the attack while communicating that, if CompassCare did not shut down, "things would not clean up as easily as fire and graffiti." In other words, they were giving a potential death threat: "It's open season on pregnancy centers."

CompassCare continued to help the women at the time of their crisis and 52 days later, their facilities were back up and running. Harden thanks the people of Buffalo for their help and support in getting him back on track with his activities.

Blame the Biden Administration

The pastor criticizes the current use of law enforcement and the role of the Administration for not supporting pro-life organizations under attack by criminals. In addition, it refutes the position of many officials who do not know how many attacks the centers suffer:

The Biden Administration is responsible, the Department of Justice is responsible, Attorney General Merrick Garland is responsible, the FBI Director is responsible..... They do not know how many attacks there are on pro-life centers.

Harden singles out New York Governor Kathy Hochul for calling pro-life centers "subhuman" and "Neanderthal." And blames her for signing a law to investigate pregnancy centers, instead of taking action against the arsonist terrorists.

The government is failing in its job: "It's a violation of humanity, an injustice anywhere." Also, he points to the Democratic party:

It is being controlled by pro-abortion extremists and what they are promoting destroys the family and human beings.... They don't realize how much damage they are doing to themselves, they are going to lose a lot of their power in the next election....

Cases nationwide

-LifeChoice in Winter Haven, Florida, is another of the pregnancy centers attacked, with pro-abortion graffiti painted on its facade on June 25. The attackers, who were captured on video, wrote phrases such as "Jane's revenge", "Jane was here", "Abortion for all", "Your time is up", "We are coming for you", "We are everywhere", as well as anarchist symbols and expressions. Damages are estimated at $3,000 to $4,000.

-The center, Life Choices in Longmont, Colorado, suffered fire damage. The front of the building was also vandalized with pro-abortion slogans, including the words "If abortions aren't safe, neither are you." The center's executive director, Kathy Roberts, said everyone is "devastated and stunned by this terrifying act of vandalism."

- On June 3, the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington DC was attacked. According to the images, the door and part of the floor were painted red, and the wall was painted black with graffiti reading "Jane says revenge." The pro-life center states on its website that it provides free and confidential pregnancy tests, counseling and parenting classes, and provides accurate and complete medical information about abortion.

-The Alpha Pregnancy Center for pregnant women located in Reisterstown, Maryland, northwest of Baltimore, received spray-painted threats, which included phrases similar to the other acts of vandalism perpetrated against pro-life centers, such as: "It's not a clinic" and "you're anti-choice and not pro-life." These messages were signed by the group "Jane's Revenge."

-Oregon Right to Life noted that Molotov cocktails were thrown at the organization's offices in Keizer on May 8, resulting in a fire, where luckily no one was injured.

- In Denton, Texas, near Dallas, the Woman to Woman Resource Center and Loreto House were attacked and vandalized with "Not a Clinic" graffiti on their walls.