Is a hostile welcome coming for Trump? Vivek Ramaswamy was booed during the libertarian convention for mentioning the former president

The Republican leader will participate in the event this Saturday, after being harshly criticized by his independent opponent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Former President Donald Trump may face a great political challenge this Saturday at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, D.C.

This Friday, one of his allies, former Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, was booed by the public right after he mentioned Trump.

“I have gotten to know Donald Trump over the last several years and the last several months,” Ramaswamy said just before being rebuked by the audience with boos. “And you’re gonna hear from him tomorrow night! And the question is do you want to influence the next administration or don’t you?”

Ramaswamy subsequently attempted to continue his speech, but the boos continued.

“You all get to speak your mind; I respect that. Libertarians in the room gotta speak up—but the question is, how do you get it done? I believe the future of this country depends on a libertarian-nationalist alliance that will save this country,” said the Trump ally.

However, various media reports indicate that some members of the public rejected the underlying message of the self-proclaimed libertarian.

“Why in God’s name is Donald Trump talking about building a new building for the FBI in Washington, DC?” Libertarian vice presidential candidate Clint Russell asked Ramaswamy. The audience loudly applauded his question.

“Are you going to agree with him on 100 percent of what he says? Do I agree with 100 percent of his policy positions? No,” replied Ramaswamy, who continued to be interrupted by the audience with laughter and boos.

One of the public delegates even insulted the former president.

According to NBC News, the libertarian delegate shouted, “I would like to propose that we go tell Donald Trump to go f*ck himself!”

Another Politico report noted strong clashes among Libertarian delegates over allowing presidential candidates (Trump and Kennedy Jr.) the opportunity to speak at the conference.

Likewise, another delegate, Nathan Madden, told Politico that Trump will likely be booed off the stage and believes “the Secret Service will tell him not to come.”

At the end of the day, if the former president decides to attend, he will likely face a hostile welcome.