Investigation Discovery uncovers a new case of sexual assault with 'Fallen Idols,' featuring Nick and Aaron Carter

The documentary investigated the alleged rapes that three women said they suffered between 2001 and 2003.

After "Quiet on Set," Investigation Discovery teamed up with Max again and made a new documentary titled "Fallen Idols." On this occasion, the film investigated Nick and Aaron Carter, musical artists from the 2000s. The first of them allegedly raped three women, Ashley Repp, Melissa Schuman Henschel and Shannon "Shay" Ruth, between 2001 and 2003. Aaron featured in the documentary because of his sad story.

Nick Carter was sued in December 2022, a month after his brother Aaron died at age 34 from drowning under the effects of alprazolam, a generic form of Xanax, mixed with difluoroethane. Nick was sued again in August 2023. On both occasions, the former member of Backstreet Boys filed countersuits in 2023 and 2024, represented by his lawyer, Dale Hayes Jr.

He spoke with CNN the day before the broadcast of the documentary, which is sired during the nights of Monday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 28, ensuring that the statements of the alleged victims were false:

Those cases are working their way through the legal system now, and, based on both the initial court rulings and the overwhelming evidence, we have every belief that we will prevail and hold them accountable for spreading these falsehoods.

Melissa Schuman says she was raped by Nick Carter

The claims he referred to are the three separate complaints the women filed against both artists over Carter's alleged actions, all of which are addressed in the documentary. In this way, the first chapter focused on the complaints of Schuman and Repp, as well as the sad family history with three of the four brothers deceased, all due to drug problems.

However, that part was minimal in the documentary, as they focused entirely on telling the stories of the alleged victims. They started with Melissa Schuman, an actress who worked with Nick Carter in 2003 during the filming of the movie "The Hollow." One day, Nick invited her and a friend to an "casual hangout" at an apartment in Santa Monica. Upon arrival, Carter took Melissa to a bathroom and forced her to forcibly perform oral sex, as Schuman recalled in statements reported by Variety:

He continues to kiss me and then he puts me up on the counter. I can feel him unbuttoning my pants and I stop him and tell him, ‘I don’t want to go any further.’ But he did not listen to me, despite the fact that I resisted and told him no. He started to perform oral sex on me, which was horrific. I turned off the light so I didn’t have to see it, see him, see any of it. He kept turning it back on and telling me he wanted to look at me, which was even more humiliating and gross. I don’t even know how long it went on for.

After this, Schuman alleged, Nick forced her to reciprocate and, as she explained, "he pulls off his pants and puts himself on the counter and says, ‘Now do it to me.’" When she refused, she remembers, the singer became angry: "He started to get really angry and irritated with me."

Repp claims Aaron realized what happened between Nick Carter and her

Repp's story is similar to Schuman's. She says the singer assaulted her when he was 23 years old and she was only 15. However, Ashley added an interesting fact. Nick's brother, Aaron, realized what happened and supported Ashley Repp. This is how she recalled it herself during the documentary:

Aaron could tell that something was wrong with me. Aaron was very kind to me. He didn’t have a great relationship with his brother at that time because what he said were other similar events with his brother and younger girls.

Nick Carter, for his part, continues to deny all the alleged assaults although, Investigation Discovery assured, he was offered to participate in the documentary and he refused to offer any type of statement in this regard.