Illogical: communists who were peacefully protesting against Bernie Sanders and his position on the war in Ukraine are arrested

The eleven protesters, of the leftist group Code Pink, criticized the Vermont senator for not taking a stand against sending aid to the European country.

Incongruous: this Wednesday, 11 communist protesters peacefully demonstrating against socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for his positions on the war in Ukraine were arrested.

According to The Washington Post, the protesters, who belong to the leftist group Code Pink, were detained by Capitol Police after occupying Sanders’ office on Capitol Hill to demand that the senator support efforts to prevent the United States from sending more aid and weapons to Ukraine.

The protesters were located inside the Dirksen Senate Office Building and were detained under a Washington, DC, code that prohibits crowding, obstructing or disturbing, according to a spokesperson for the campus police.

The peaceful protest had been planned in advance. On September 28, the group announced it would hold a sit-in at Sanders’ office.

“I have been so disappointed that my senator, Bernie Sanders. He is usually a champion for peace, but he has voted for more and more weapons to Ukraine and even criticized Democrats who called for peace talks. Yes, Bernie should condemn the Russian invasion, but he should also be calling for a negotiated end to this brutal war,” said Crystal Zevon, one of the activists in attendance in Washington, DC.

Code Pink is an anti-American leftist group whose activists had already broken into Congress to protest peacefully.

In March, for example, several protesters from this group interrupted the first hearing of a committee on China in the House of Representatives, advocating for a more open foreign policy towards the Asian giant.

The group is also openly apologist for the Castro regime and has spread misinformation, calling the United States embargo on Cuba an “inhumane blockade.”