Illegal immigrant arrivals fell by 15% in May

Most of the encounters occurred between the 1st and 12th day of the expiration of Title 42.

Encounters with illegal immigrants were down 15% in May compared to the same month in 2022, according to data provided by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Half of the apprehensions occurred before the 12th, when Title 42 officially expired.

Fewer illegal arrivals than in May 2022 and April 2023

In total, 204,561 were intercepted while attempting to cross the southern entrance, 36,575 less than those recorded during the same month last year. The figure is also lower than the number of arrests in April (211,159). Of these encounters, 169,244 were by Border Patrol, while the remaining 35,317 were by the Office of Field Operations, which includes the 28,696 individuals who used the CBP One application.

According to the CBP release, more than half of the Border Patrol encounters occurred before the Title 42 mandate expired on the 12th. Between May 1 and May 11, 98,850 apprehensions were recorded, while from May 12 to May 31 there were 70,394.

Sixty-five percent (133,097) of the migrants apprehended were adults attempting to cross the border alone, down 6 percent from April. The number of unaccompanied minors located by agents also decreased (-13%) compared to the previous month. On the contrary, in May, the number of people arriving in the country with their families increased by 5%.

Troy Miller boasts results

For CBP Acting High Commissioner Troy Miller, this data is the result of "exhaustive planning and preparation efforts" by their office. Miller also insisted that the results will improve as the new plans are implemented. In addition, he reported that the seizure of dangerous drugs increased by 10% compared to April.

As a result of comprehensive planning and preparation efforts, there has been a significant reduction in encounters along the Southwest border since the return to full Title 8 immigration enforcement on May 12. As we continue to execute our plans –including delivering strengthened consequences for those who cross unlawfully while expanding access to lawful pathways and processes– we will continue to monitor changes in encounter trends and adjust our response as necessary. At the same time, CBP remained laser-focused on our national and economic security missions this month: managing increased passenger throughput at the start of a busy summer travel season and increasing seizures of dangerous drugs by 10% over April.