Hunter Biden trial: Judge rules prosecution will not be allowed to present its most controversial evidence

The president's son appeared this Friday before a Delaware judge for a preview of the trial that will begin next month.

Hunter Biden appeared this Friday at a preview hearing in Delaware in which the judge issued some preliminary measures for the trial into his illicit possession of firearms. Federal Judge Maryellen Noreika will preside over the trial which is scheduled to begin June 3.

Hunter has pleaded not guilty to these federal charges. Specifically, he is accused of having submitted a false statement when purchasing a firearm in addition to possessing a firearm when he was not legally allowed to due to his drug addiction. Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison, plus fines of up to $250,000 on each charge.

In this process, the prosecution led by special prosecutor David Weiss will not be able to use some of the most controversial evidence against Hunter Biden. Judge Noreika ruled that the prosecutor's team will not be able to present "salacious" evidence, Fox News reported. By salacious, the judge refers to those images or evidence which is too personal, intimate or lavish.

Still according to the same sources, Special Prosecutor Weiss’ team planned to use in some of the files and evidence leaked from Hunter Biden's laptop case in the trial, specifically photographs and videos in which show Hunter Biden irresponsibly manipulating firearms. These images also prove that Hunter Biden possessed a gun while he was using drugs.

Judge Noreika's ruling comes after a request from Hunter Biden's legal defense, who asked that the most "salacious" images not be used due to a risk of causing unfair harm to President Biden's son.