House Democratic congressman's aide fired for collaborating with Chinese embassy

Barbara Hamlett was one of Democratic Congressman Don Beyer’s aides with more than 30 years of service in congressional offices.

Barbara Hamlett, an employee of Congressman Don Beyer (D-Va.) was fired after it was revealed that she was allegedly working with the Chinese Embassy. Her alleged impropriety, reports National Review, was discovered in an investigation conducted by the House Sergeant at Arms, who immediately informed Beyer's office.

Beyer's now-fired former aide worked in congressional offices for more than 30 years, according to her LinkedIn profile. She was a scheduler in the congressman's office and previously served for several representatives.

In recent months, according to the investigation, Hamlett allegedly sent e-mails, made calls and tried to arrange meetings for other congressional staffers with Chinese embassy officials.

The Democratic congressman’s Deputy Chief of Staff Aaron Fritschner told National Review that the Don Beyer was completely unaware of these activities.

As soon as he learned of them, he followed every directive he was given by security officials. The staffer in question is no longer employed by the office of Congressman Beyer.

Don Beyer and China

Fritschner added in a statement that Congressman Beyer was "deeply upset" to learn of the activities of the now former staffer, Barbara Hamlett. He recalled that Beyer is openly critical of China's human rights record, including the crackdown in Hong Kong and attacks on the Uighur Muslim population in Xinjiang. He also emphasized that the congressman is "a supporter of Tibet, and a staunch supporter of Taiwan."

Congressman Don Beyer traveled to Taiwan in August, shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the country. The congressman's deputy chief of staff added that Beyer will continue to counter the Chinese Communist Party.