Hospital visits increase in Washington DC due to concern about a new respiratory disease

The condition originated in China and is keeping the medical community on alert, which detected an increase in this type of ailment, especially in children.

A new respiratory disease appeared a few weeks ago in China. Although it does not appear to be serious, following the coronavirus pandemic, various hospitals in Washington, DC have seen a significant increase in hospital visits from people who believe they may have this condition.

An ailment that is keeping the medical community and the World Health Organization on alert . As revealed to FOX 5, Dr. Christina Johns, chief medical advisor of PM Pediatrics, the international organization is reviewing the data provided by China after a video came to light showing a large group of people receiving treatment for the mysterious respiratory disease that especially affects children. However, she assured, at the moment there is no reason to be alarmed.

For their part, Chinese officials assured the WHO that there is no "unusual or new disease" that affects the respiratory level. In fact, they clarify, the increase in this condition is caused by the flu and other known pathogens and not by a new virus.

Something that was confirmed by a spokesperson for the National Health Commission who stated, in statements collected by PBS, that "recent clusters of respiratory infections are caused by a common virus overlay, such as influenza virus, rhinoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, adenovirus and bacteria such as Mycoplasma pneumoniae, which is a common culprit of respiratory tract infections."