Gunman attacks New Hampshire psychiatric hospital, leaving at least one dead

The victim was a security guard at the hospital in Concord. Police claim to have shot and killed at least one active shooter.

New Hampshire police are investigating a shooting at New Hampshire Hospital in Concord that resulted in the death of a 63-year-old security guard from a gunshot wound. According to authorities, the only shooter was killed by a state police officer assigned to security at the hospital.

The shooting occurred this Friday at a psychiatric hospital. According to police, all patients are safe after the attack, which left two dead.

The victim is Bradley Haas, a former police chief in the city of Franklin (New Hampshire) who took a new job as a security guard employed by the state Department of Safety and Security. As for the shooter, the police did not offer any details about his identity or motive.

The investigation into what happened remains open. Despite hosting a press conference, police have not given many details about what happened. However, it was revealed that a state police officer went into the hospital when he noticed shots were being fired from inside. The officer killed the shooter. 

A New Hampshire State Police bomb squad searched a suspicious truck that was parked on hospital premises before announcing that the vehicle did not pose a risk.

Medical services attempted to stabilize Bradley Haas but they were unsuccessful. The City of Franklin Police Department flags will fly at half-staff in honor of Bradley Haas.