Grizzlies suspend Ja Morant after again appearing with a gun in a video

The controversial star point guard of the Memphis-based franchise had already been suspended for a similar event two months ago.

Ja Morant has done it again. A publication by an Instagram Live in which the base of the Memphis Grizzlies held what looks like a gun in a car has caused the NBA franchise to suspend the player from all activities related to the team, pending the final decision of the Basketball League.

Dancing with a gun

In the video, which was quickly deleted, the player is seen singing and dancing inside a car, accompanied by a group of friends. About halfway through the brief recording, Morant is seen wielding a gun. The image soon went viral on the networks, leading to the player's suspension while the incident is investigated. The NBA franchise indicated in a brief statement that it would not be making any further statements on the matter.

Suspended by NBA with 8 games for similar controversy

This is not the first time Morant has been involved in a gun-related controversy. The point guard was suspended for eight games two months ago after appearing in a video showing a gun in a nightclub. The player apologized on that occasion, although he seems to have forgotten it again.

For the time being, the NBA has not commented on what happened.

(Update to follow).