Ghislane Maxwell claims Epstein "was murdered" in prison

The businessman's ex-associate also doubts the legitimacy of the photos involving Prince Andrew.

Ghislane Maxwell, who was Jeffrey Epstein’s sidekick and partner, assured from the prison where she is serving her sentence that the businessman "was murdered" in prison. In addition, the French-born socialite expressed her doubts about the pedophilia and child abuse allegations that Prince Andrew was accused of as a result of his relationship with the businessman.

Epstein was going to appeal

Maxwell is serving a 20-year sentence for her collaborating with Epstein. She is accused of recruiting and instructing the young girls whom Epstein subsequently abused. The businessman was found dead in the cell where he was awaiting sentencing for pedophilia. The authorities announced that it was a suicide, which Maxwell does not believe.

"I think he was murdered," she claimed during an interview with Talk TV's Jeremy Kyle Live. "I was in shock. And then I wondered how it could have happened because, as far as I was concerned, he was going to appeal. I was sure I was going to appeal. And I am convinced that he was protected by the non-prosecution agreement. But I was not part of the prosecution. I was not mentioned. She wasn't even one of the conspirators."