Gavin Newsom's restaurant wants to hire employees for $16 an hour despite the $20 minimum wage law

Even though the location partially owned by the California governor does not meet the criteria outlined in the new law, Rep. Joe Patterson asked: Why doesn't Newson "pay a living hourly wage?

A restaurant partially owned by California Governor Gavin Newsom posted a job offer that pays $16 an hour, disregarding the new state law (signed by Newsom himself) that requires owners to pay fast-food workers a minimum wage of $20 an hour. 

Republican State Representative Joe Patterson posted screenshots of the PlumpJack Café website, owned by the PlumpJack Group, founded by Newsom. Although the new law applies to food venues that are part of a chain of 60 or more nationwide and offer limited or no table service (Newsom's restaurant does not qualify), Patterson asked:

I wonder why @CAgovernor @GavinNewson food companies don't pay $20 an hour. Live job posting at $16 an hour in Olympic Valley. It's very, very expensive to live there...but he doesn't do as he tells others and doesn't pay a living wage. 

Newsom's partially-owned restaurant

The ad was posted on the ZipRecruiter website. It specifies that the employee will be paid $16 per hour. Their primary job will be to "assist the food server in the restaurant to ensure guest satisfaction during all aspects of the dining experience." They will also be required to "clear dishes as needed from tables in a timely manner," "prepare coffee as directed" and "support bartenders in stocking, cleaning and organizing the bar as directed."

PlumpJack Group's official website states, "In 1992, Gavin Newsom opened his first business, PlumpJack Wines, combining his passion for wine and his driving entrepreneurial spirit."

Over the next decade, the PlumpJack Group began to grow under his leadership to include many of the restaurants, wineries and retail establishments in today's portfolio.