Gal Gadot raises her voice to denounce the silence towards the sexual violations committed by Hamas

The artist stressed that the world should defend women's rights and join the demand for the immediate release of each of the captives who are still kidnapped by the terrorist group.

Famous Israeli actress Gal Gadot condemned the world’s lack of response to the sexual violence committed by Hamas during the October 7 attack on Israel.

Gadot used her official Instagram account to express her outrage at the way the international community has “failed women” by remaining silent in the face of atrocities committed by the terrorist group.

“We claim we stand against rape, violence against women. We will not let women be victimized and then silenced,” she said in the statement she shared.

The actress emphasized that the world has not correctly labeled the situation and urged the international community to provide a decisive response to what she described as an “emergency.” Likewise, she called on women and their defenders to raise their voices against the actions of Hamas.

“The world witnessed Hamas carrying out its violent plans in real time. Within hours of the October 7 attack, the first blood-chilling video emerged of Shani Louk being paraded naked and defiled by her proud assailants. Yet two months later, women are still hostage to these rapists, and the world has failed to call this situation what it is: an urgent emergency that demands a decisive response,” she said.

Gadot insisted that those who claim to defend women’s rights should join the demand for the immediate release of every woman held hostage by Hamas.

“I am beseeching all those who have done so much for women’s rights globally, from the U.N. to the human rights community, to please join in the demand that Hamas release every single woman hostage immediately, not after the next round of international mediation, not after another day. These women cannot survive another moment of this horror,” she concluded.



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Since the attack carried out by Hamas against Israel became known, the famous star of “Wonder Woman” has dedicated a large part of her social media posts to exposing the crimes committed by the terrorist group.

Gadot used the Museum of Tolerance (Los Angeles) to screen images of the raid perpetrated by Hamas and thus help make visible the crimes committed on October 7 against thousands of Israeli civilians.


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