Finland reveals that almost 40% of Covid deaths were due to other causes

"You can count on one hand the number of patients under the age of 60 who have died solely from Covid since last March."

The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) revealed in a study that coronavirus was not the actual cause of death in up to 40% of deaths attributed to the disease in Finland.

The information, reported by the Finnish media Yle, includes statements by Sirkka Goebeler, a specialist at the institute, who states that "the number of patients under 60 years of age who have died from Covid alone since March last March can be counted on one hand."

Deaths have not been correctly identified

Goebeler's unit in Finland examines all Covid-related death certificates in which the treating physician listed the virus as the primary or contributing cause of death in people with pre-existing conditions or diseases. According to an example in the report of cases of deaths in a one-week period of time:

The THL count of Covid-related deaths was 6407. But, that figure includes all deaths that occurred within 30 days of a positive coronavirus test.... In almost 4,000 of these cases, the virus is listed as the primary or immediate cause of death.... In almost 1,600 cases, it is listed as a contributing factor...

In approximately 900 cases initially recorded as Covid-related deaths, the actual death certificates contain no indication of coronavirus infection.

The report supports the claims made by public health analysts and experts that during the pandemic it was not possible to differentiate between deaths 'by Covid' and deaths 'with Covid' (deaths as a direct consequence of coronavirus vs. deaths due to other causes in people infected by the virus). Finnish experts stated that the deaths were reported in a "very flawed" manner.

U.S. also exaggerated mortality rates

In the United States, figures from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that only 5% of people who died of Covid have the virus listed as the sole cause of death. The other 95% of people have an average of four pre-existing conditions, including cardiovascular problems (10.5%), diabetes (7.3%) and cancer (5.6%).

The previous pandemic coordinator, Deborah Birx, admitted in 2020 that Covid-related death rates in the country were being exaggerated.

There are other countries where if you had a pre-existing disease and let's say the virus made you go to the ICU and you had a heart or kidney problem. In some countries it is recorded as a heart or kidney problem and not a Covid-19 death.... However, in the United States the intention is right now that..... If someone dies with Covid-19... We count it as a death by Covid-19.