FedEx Boeing plane landed in Istanbul without front wheels

Türkiye's Minister of Transport and Infrastructure posted footage of what happened on social media. No one was injured.

Turkish Transport and Infrastructure Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu reported that a FedEx Airlines cargo plane was forced to land in Turkey without its front landing gear on Wednesday. In addition, the minister shared footage of the landing.

A video shows sparks and smoke coming from the front of the plane as it rolled down the runway. The plane was then sprayed with firefighting foam.

"This morning we professionally evacuated the pilots and cabin crew of the cargo plane, whose front landing gear was not deployed at Istanbul Airport and which landed smoothly on the fuselage thanks to the successful guidance of our teams," Uraloğlu posted on his X account.

FedEx Express flight 6268, operated on a Boeing 767, was flying from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to Istanbul Airport. According to Fox Business, the crew reported to the Turkish air traffic control tower that the plane's landing gear did not deploy.

Boeing has made headlines several times in recent months for various incidents with its planes.