Eric Adams warns that the immigration crisis and the situation of the border may allow another 11-S

The NY mayor asks Biden and Congress for a reform of border and immigration policy and again criticizes the Administration for abandoning cities in the face of the avalanche of asylum seekers.

The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, warned of the need to monitor the southern border because possible terrorists may be taking advantage of the immigration crisis to access the US to "harm" the country. The councilman was again critical of the open door policy of the Biden Administration and indicated that the memory of September 11 should determine immigration policy. In addition, Adams again called on the president and Congress for true border and immigration reform, since "no cities should have to [bear the] burden [of] the national crisis on its own."

The migration crisis, "an opportunity to harm our country"

During an interview on CBS to recall the terrible attacks of 22 years ago, Adams warned that it is not unthinkable that something like this could happen again given the state of the border with Mexico since Biden arrived at the White House. The mayor of the Big Apple asked for the collaboration of the security forces and intelligence agencies and not to "accommodate" believing that this danger will disappear spontaneously.

 The term sleeper cells, that is very important. There are those out there who want us to feel comfortable and feel as though we don’t have enemies that want to hurt our way of life. And we have to be concerned on many levels. Trust me, there are those who would exploit even this migrant issue coming through our southern border. They see this as an opportunity to come here and harm our country. We must have vetting in place. Our combination of all of our law enforcement and intel. agencies must continue to look at information, data. We cannot get comfortable and believe that is going to go away.

Adams warns about people who hate America and want to "harm us the inside"

Adams recalled what happened 22 years ago to strengthen his argument, and insisted on the need to "be vigilant " against people who "hate America" and want to "hurt us from the inside."

Sometimes during peace times, people tend to believe we should have extreme liberties. But I saw what happened over 20 years ago when those liberties can actually get in the way and allow dangerous people to harm us, and that’s why what is happening right now at our border, we need to be vigilant not to allow those who hate America to enter America and harm us from the inside.

September 11 should determine border policy

The interviewer asked him directly, "are you really saying that the lessons of 9/11 should be remembered by the president and the federal government in terms of determining border policy?" To which Adams responded with a resounding "Yes."

Yes, it should. As we allow people to come in to experience the American Dream, we have done that for years, there’s a reason the Statue of Liberty sits in our harbor. But as we romanticize that, we have to also see exactly what does that mean and how do we do it to filter out those who are not coming here to pursue the American Dream, but to destroy the American Dream. Everyone that attempts to enter our country is not coming here because they believe in America. Some are coming because they want to harm America. And that’s the smallest number, but we cannot ignore them, because it only took a certain small number of people to take down our center of trade.

Adams Calls for Border and Immigration Reform

Finally, the councilman considered that the anniversary of the attacks was a good time to remember the president and Congress The need for immigration and border policy reform and help the cities most affected by the massive influx of immigrants.

Well, to remind the president and Congress of real border and immigration reform, and no city should be impacted by this. El Paso, Brownsville, Texas, Los Angeles, Chicago, no cities should have to [bear the] burden [of] the national crisis on its own, and we should think about that...

Data support Adams' concerns

These are not mere fears, but recent reports confirm Adams' warnings. A document from the House Homeland Security Committee said the border patrol has recorded 149 encounters with people on the terrorist watch list so far this year. This is the absolute record of arrests of criminals on this list, which was at 98 during all of 2022. By contrast, during Donald Trump's term, the number of criminals registered as suspected or known for terrorism apprehended was only 14 individuals.