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The Eagles and Chiefs prevail and will compete for the Super Bowl LVII

Arizona's State Farm Stadium will host the NFL's grand finale on February 12.

Super Bowl LVII

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The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off in Super Bowl LVII. The final will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale (Arizona) and each team will be given the opportunity to succeed the Los Angeles Rams as the National Football League (NFL) champions. This Sunday, the forecasts came to pass, and both teams defeated their rivals in the Conference Finals. They will now contest their strengths in the world's greatest sporting spectacle on February 12.

The Eagles had little trouble overcoming the San Francisco 49ers (31-7) in the National Conference final. The undisputed victory was achieved, in large part, thanks to the team's defensive work, without forgetting the solidity of its attacking line. Brock Purdy's injury in the first moments of the game conditioned the Californians' game.

Philadelphia was lit up in green and tens of thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate the victory of their team, which will once again have the opportunity to win the Super Bowl, just five years after winning their first, and potentially place a second Super Bowl trophy in their cabinet.

For their part, the Chiefs will be playing in their fifth Super Bowl, the third in this second decade of the century. The Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals (23-20) in the NFL American Football Conference (AFC) championship game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday to advance to Super Bowl LVII.

Despite coming into the game with a sprain that prevented him from performing at his best, Patrick Mahomes ended up being a key player for his team. The Chiefs quarterback put his physicality on the line and led the Chiefs to what could be their third NFL title.