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Palm Springs reaches record high temperature of 124 F

With the figure, it breaks the record set in 2021 of 123 F.

Capture tweet NWS @NWSSandiego - Twitter

Palm Springs, Calif., recorded a never-before-seen temperature of 124 degrees Fahrenheit in the midst of the heat wave in the state.

With the figure, it breaks the record set in 2021, when the city reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat wave sweeping California

The record temperature comes as California faces a dangerous heat wave that hit the east and west of the country.

The National Weather Service described it as intense and long-lasting, and warned that it will be "extremely dangerous and potentially deadly if not taken seriously."

Therefore, authorities provided the usual recommendations in the face of extreme heat: drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, use sunscreen and wear light, dull-colored clothing, and avoid exposure to the sun. The NWS stressed the importance of remaining attentive to local warnings and forecasts.

The battle of hundreds of firefighters to contain fires in different parts of California also marks the early start of an intense season of heat and wildfires.

California suffered some 20 years of drought, but the last two years were relatively wet, with high rainfall levels refilling reservoirs and allowing forests and grasslands to grow.

However, 2024 is shaping up to be a hot, dry year, and the flora is rapidly drying out, becoming fuel for wildfires.

Other locations such as Redding, Calif., and Las Vegas could reach historically high temperatures next week.