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Pixar introduces its first non-binary character

The company thus joins other audiovisual products in which representatives of this gender ideology are also being introduced.

Lake Ripple, el primer personaje no binario presentado por Pixar en 'Elemental'.

(Pixar / Walt Disney Company).

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Pixar introduces its first non-binary character. It did it with Lake Ripple, one of the main characters of "Elemental," the latest film from the Walt Disney owned animation studios. Lake is Wade's brother and, although he is a secondary character in the story, he is a new example of how audiovisual companies are increasingly introducing gender ideology into their products, whether for the big or small screen.

News of Lake's identity was confirmed by Kai Ava Hauser. The voice actor, in charge of voicing the "Elemental" character, who also identifies himself as non-binary and, for this very reason, was delighted to be able to voice the lobby thanks to Pixar:

The character thus joins the series of measures being implemented by the Walt Disney Company to enter into gender ideology. A few days ago, Voz Media reported that a man dressed as a fairy godmother was in charge of helping girls choose their princess costumes. And months earlier, the company also decided to remove the feminine gender from the fairies and impose the neuter instead.

The box office, however, does not seem to support this forced inclusion that Disney is adopting. "Elemental" grossed only $29.5 million in its first weekend. It thus becomes the lowest grossing weekend in Pixar' s history, as reported by The New York Times on Sunday.