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Five children, one adult hospitalized in Texas after carbon monoxide leak

Five firefighters had to receive oxygen after entering the affected house without proper protective equipment.

Captura de pantalla de un vídeo que muestra la casa donde seis personas desfallecieron tras exponerse a altos contenidos de monóxido de carbono.


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Six people are in critical condition in Fort Worth, Texas, after being exposed to dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide, the local fire department told The Associated Press.

Firefighters reportedly received a call at 8 p.m. Monday from a child, who then apparently opened the door and collapsed. Before fainting, he said that his mother was behaving strangely. The rest of those affected were lying on the ground, detailed 5 NBCDFW.

It was also reported that five firefighters who rushed into the house without protective gear later recorded elevated carbon monoxide levels and had to be given oxygen.

In addition, rescuers explained that the cause of the gas leak was likely a running car engine in the garage of the house. However, the investigation has not yet been closed.

Relaying this information to the local media was Fire Department spokesman Craig Trojacek.