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Biden's betraying smile? President gets harsh criticism for his reaction to ignoring a question about Trump as a “political prisoner”

Some users called the Democratic leader's reaction “disturbing.”

¿La sonrisa que delata a Biden? El presidente reciba duras críticas por su reacción al ignorar una pregunta sobre Trump como “preso político”

El momento de la ""perturbadora"" reacción de Biden. (Captura de pantalla / Fox News)

U.S. President Joe Biden is being harshly criticized on social media after he reacted “disturbingly” to a question about Trump and the guilty verdict in the Manhattan borough of New York.

As Biden walked away from the podium where he held a press conference, NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell shouted, “Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly. What's your response to that, sir?”

Biden not only ignored the question but also walked away from the cameras and off the stage, slowly smiling a smile that his critics called “evil.”

“Do you think a conviction will have an impact on the campaign?” the NBC reporter insisted as Biden finished walking away, ignoring her.

After the clip went viral, several journalists on X questioned the president and his attitude.

“Honestly, I rarely use the word evil to describe another human being but…,” Sage Steele, a former ESPN reporter, wrote on X.

Amber Duke, editor of The Spectator, also weighed in on the scene, saying, “The President of the United States' disturbing reaction to being asked if Trump is a political prisoner and if he is responsible for Trump's criminal conviction.”

The Gateway Pundit’s Elijah Schaffer reacted more accurately upon seeing the video: “Holy crap.”

In addition to journalists, several Trump-allied Republicans also criticized the president.

“He’s NOT even trying to hide it anymore… Biden’s grin is all American voters need to see,” posted Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas.

New York Republican representative Elise Stefanik also published the Democratic leader’s reaction and wrote, “Joe Biden is a clear and present threat to democracy.”

Trump campaign capitalizes on Biden’s reaction

Just a couple of hours after Biden ignored O’Donnell’s question, former President Donald Trump’s campaign released a campaign spot using the Democratic president’s controversial reaction.

In the video, the Trump campaign denounces the political persecution of the former president by the Biden administration.