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On the first day of deliberations in the Trump case, the jury made four requests to revisit the testimonies of Cohen and Pecker

The jury also requested to rehear the judge's instructions on how to evaluate the evidence in the case.

Trump trial

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On Wednesday afternoon, the jury overseeing Donald Trump's trial sent two notes to the judge after deliberations began. These notes contained four requests to review crucial testimony before making key decisions in the case. Additionally, they asked for repeated instructions on how to evaluate the evidence.

At around 2:56 pm, the jury sent a note to Judge Juan Merchán requesting to review testimony they consider essential to reaching a final verdict. Specifically, they asked to revisit the testimony of David Pecker, former editor of The National Enquirer, Inc., focusing on three key issues:

1. The phone conversation Pecker had with Trump during his meeting with investors in New Jersey.

2. The former CEO's decision not to pay for the rights to the Karen McDougal story.

3. Pecker's testimony on the Trump Tower meeting in 2015 when he allegedly planned a conspiracy with the former president and Michael Cohen to help Trump get elected.

The jury also asked to review the testimony of the prosecutor's star witness, Michael Cohen, about the same meeting at Trump Tower.

The jury sent a second note to Judge Juan Merchan, requesting to rehear his instructions on how to consider the evidence.

Following these two notes, the judge decided to suspend the jury's deliberations until Thursday morning.