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Trump's defense asked Judge Merchán to dismiss the case after Michael Cohen admitted to lying and stealing

The Prosecutor's key witness acknowledged having stolen thousands of dollars from the former president's company.

El expresidente estadounidense Donald Trump asiste a su juicio

(Charly Triballeau / Pool/ AFP)

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Donald Trump’s legal team urged Judge Juan Merchán to dismiss the falsification of business records case against the former president, alleging the lack of credibility in the testimony of the Prosecutor’s main witness, Michael Cohen.

Todd Blanche, Trump’s attorney, asked the judge not to allow the case to rely on Cohen’s testimony, who admitted to lying repeatedly in court, before Congress and the media. Blanche also emphasized that no evidence of forgery has been presented in business records related to the case, nor has any connection to Trump been proven.

Without Mr. Cohen, there is no case. There’s absolutely no evidence that the filings were false. The business records were not false. There’s no disputing that Mr. Cohen provided legal services for President Trump in 2017,” stated the former president’s lawyer.

Not only did Cohen admit to lying repeatedly, he also claimed that Trump was unaware of payments to Stormy Daniels and confessed to exaggerating about payments to a technology company, resulting in the theft of $30,000 to the Trump Organization.

“I was angry because of the reduction in the bonus, and I just felt like it was almost like self-help,” Cohen justified.

Merchán will not decide yet

Magistrate Juan Merchán has not yet made a decision on the motion to dismiss and has scheduled a new hearing for Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. The outcome of this motion will be crucial to the future of the case.

Trump says Merchán can still regain “respect”

The former president suggested that this is an opportunity for Merchán to regain respect after the “witch hunt” against him.

This case should be dropped by the judge. I think the judge, if he did, that … could gain the respect back. The appellate court has to step in, something has to happen,” said the former president, highlighting that the judicial process against him is progressing favorably and should conclude very soon.