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Taylor Swift would get 8% of the vote if she ran for president

In a potential 2024 presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the candidates would be tied with 44% support each.

Taylor Swift, durante un concierto en Australia


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An Emerson College poll showed Taylor Swift would get 8% of the vote if she ran in the 2024 presidential election with former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 10% of respondents said they are still undecided. The study revealed that Swift is viewed favorably by 43% of voters, while 38% are neutral and 19% have an unfavorable opinion.

"The Swift test suggests that Biden’s support is softer than Trump’s, whose support is more locked-in," said Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling.

"Trump has gained about one point in the head to head matchup"

The poll also showed that Joe Biden has a 42% approval rating and a 47% disapproval rating. Biden's approval rose one percentage point, while his disapproval rating dropped four points, according to the study. "Biden’s approval among Democrats and Republicans has remained steady this summer. However, his approval among independents, while still underwater, has increased from 34% in June to 37% in August," Kimball said.

The poll indicated that in a possible 2024 presidential election between Biden and Trump, the candidates are tied with 44% support each. "Twelve percent are undecided. Trump has gained about a point in the head to head matchup from the June Emerson poll," the study said.

When asked about their own financial situation, 48% said their economic situation is worse, 26% said it is almost the same or have not noticed any differences, and the other 26% said they are better off than a year ago.

The Emerson College Polling National Survey was conducted on August 16 and 17, 2023.