Eduardo Bolsonaro denounces that Lula is persecuting his father: "Brazil is no longer a democracy"

The national congressman of Sao Paolo added that his country is following Venezuela's path under the new administration.

Eduardo Bolsonaro assured that "Brazil is no longer a democracy" under Lula da Silva's government and that it is following Venezuela's path towards socialism. The son of the former president made these statements at a private lunch in the United States, close to where the Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) is being held, although the events were unrelated.

The speech of the current national congressman for Sao Paulo enlightened those present on the state of his country under da Silva, who came to power in early 2023 for a third term.

He began by mentioning that he needed to return home quickly for a march in favor of his father, Jair Bolsonaro, whom he referred to as being persecuted by the Brazilian justice system. As recently reported by Voz Media, the former president was summoned by the Federal Police to testify for his alleged participation in an alleged coup plot.

He assured that "Brazil is no longer a democracy" under Lula's government and that it is following Venezuela's path towards socialism.

Finally, he highlighted the importance of international events that bring together different world leaders to share experiences and learn lessons on avoiding what has already happened in other countries.

As far as the investigation against Jair Bolsonaro, on February 8, the Brazilian Police launched an operation in which they executed dozens of search warrants and made several arrests against Bolsonaro's close associates and his government, among them his former advisors Filipe Martins, Colonel Marcelo Camara, the head of the Liberal Party (PL) Valdemar Costa Neto and other people allegedly involved in the plot.

Among those under investigation, in addition to Bolsonaro and his advisors, there are also two former defense ministers, an admiral and other people with whom the former president allegedly discussed a plan to imprison Supreme Court justices, Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco and call new elections.

CPAC is taking the spotlight in Maryland. The event features an array of prominent international speakers for its 2024 edition, including Nayib Bukele, Santiago Abascal and Nigel Farage, as well as Argentina's Javier Milei, who will speak on Saturday about "socialism and corruption."

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