Donald Trump's doctor confirms his cognitive level is "exceptional," while Biden's health raises questions

The report highlights that the former president managed to lose weight through a combination of daily physical activity and healthy eating.

Dr. Bruce Aronwald, the doctor of former President Donald Trump, published a medical report certifying the former president’s “excellent health.” The statement, released Monday, highlights Trump’s recent weight loss and adherence to an improved diet while praising his physical and cognitive exams.

According to Aronwald, Trump’s cognitive test results were “exceptional,” and his lab tests showed values ​​within normal limits, some even more favorable than previous tests. The doctor also highlighted the normality of the cardiovascular analyses and the negativity in all cancer screening tests.

The report notes that Trump (77) has lost weight through an improved diet and consistent daily physical activity, all while maintaining a rigorous schedule. Aronwald concludes that, in his opinion, the former president is currently in excellent health and will continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle for years to come.

“It is my opinion that President Trump is currently in excellent health, and with his continued interest in preventative health monitoring and maintenance, he will continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle for years to come,” he said.

The health of political leaders, especially in periods leading up to elections, is a topic of public interest and debate. The release of medical reports can influence voter perceptions and the broader political landscape.

Concern for Biden’s health

This announcement comes at a time when concern about the health of the current president, Joe Biden, is increasing, mainly due to his cognitive ability.

According to a recent NBC News poll, almost three-quarters of voters (74%) do not see the president having the appropriate physical and mental capabilities to lead the country for four more years.

Biden’s age of 81 has become a significant disadvantage for the president while adding to the many mistakes he has made over the last few years that have increased concern about his situation.